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Euphorian Productions is a one man band who will preditorize (story producer/editor) footage of all codecs. I specialize in point&shoot cinematic cinematography, produce story, edit and GFX (Animated Graphics). I also Color Correct for broadcast and web-based media.

Established in 2005, Euphorian Productions goal is to transcend a human beings experiential life through the use of media and design. Using lights, color, effects and sound...with the intention of shooting for such looks or style professionally. EP wishes to ignite an emotionally thought provoking dialogue in the core of self discovery. EP brings a raw~stripped down~filmmaking essence to what we believe can bring a heighten utopia system viscerally and audio-fly in a medium which companies can create identities for the viral community and communities that best service the needs and wants of the consumer. EP is a ever-evolving creative house producing music videos, documentaries, feature films, short films and web content.



Born in Wurzburg, Germany, Kiff Kilpatrick grew up in America with a over-whelming sense of not belonging to any unified group or culture; always to escape into his imagination, testing his faith through the lense. Kiff observes his culture and societies as a kaleidoscope of transcendental love. An abstraction translated to an audience.

In 2004, Kiff graduated from, The Art Institute of Seattle, with top honors. A portfolio that won best at show and a award winning short film, Alien Relax Conversation. From 2004-2006, Kiff worked on many feature films as a cinematographer and editor, It's Not You, It's Me, Elitist Standard For German 4play and The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, a music video. In 2006, Kiff was asked to come on board a docudrama, The Shift of the Ages, as cinematographer and traveled to Central and South America filming a Mayan high priest who attempts to recovery a sacred staff and give his teachings of the Mayan Prophecies and their culture. Soon there after, Kiff was asked to come on as lead editor to the docudrama and for the next 4 years Kiff co-collaborated in the production, post production, design and writing of the film. Kiff compiled 500 hours of footage into a 2.5 hour cut. Documentaries become a staple for Kiff on his next project, Oh, Bless Us, Gedun Drup; about the history of Tibetan Buddhism and the story of the Panchen Lama; the second highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Completion occurred March, 2012.

2012 to present, Kiff works in the industry in various ways. As a creative facilitator of fresh ideas and a gifted technician of his craft. Kiff has molded his identity to encompass a direction that embraces all forms of media.